Planet Water Park Apologizes for Discriminating Against Special Needs Child

Planet Water Park, located in Ggaba, has succumbed to mounting pressure and offered its apologies to a family whose special needs child was subjected to discrimination during a visit to their swimming pool.

Tensions have been escalating at Planet Water Park and within the Eritrean community for the past three days following an incident of discrimination that occurred at the park a few days ago, allegedly involving a manager of the Eritrean origin.

Renowned journalist Gabriel Buule shared a tweet shedding light on the incident which highlighted the experience of a Ugandan mother who had taken her children to Planet Water Park for a fun weekend outing.

Among the group of five children, the oldest daughter happened to be a special needs child, specifically autistic and nonverbal, yet an accomplished swimmer who required no assistance in the pool.

Upon arrival at the pool, the girl, who finds solace in swimming as a hobby, eagerly joined her few peers already enjoying themselves.

However, the situation took a distressing turn two hours into their swim when the pool attendant, accompanied by an Eritrean individual believed to be the manager, approached the mother and requested them to leave. The reason cited was that other parents felt uneasy having their children in close proximity to a child with disabilities.

“My heart split in that moment because its been so long since I heard such rubbish and foolishness from a grown man who must be a parent too. Moses (the pool manager) said he would refund my money so I could leave because he was losing customers” reads a message of mother whose name has been withheld

This incident sparked widespread condemnation from various quarters, including influential figures, who took to social media to denounce the park’s archaic behavior while some even threatened legal action.

For instance, Former AIGP Asan Kasingye responded; “Pathetic. This facility should be sued in Court for violation of rights or reported to the Equal Opportunities Commission for redress”

Faiza Fabz said; “you need to do better. Offer this family an apology and train your staff on how to handle children with disabilities rather than turn them away.”

Feeling the mounting pressure and public scrutiny, the park management has now issued an extensive statement expressing their regrets regarding the unfortunate incident that transpired at their children’s park. They have vowed never to allow such a situation to occur again and have committed to training their staff to promote inclusivity.

“We are writing to address a regretful, table incident that took place at the planet water park on 1st July, 202. As an establishment, we deeply regret the mishandling of a situation involving a parent with an autistic child on our staff. 

We want to express our sincere apologies for any distress caused and assure you that we are taking immediate actions to rectify the situation” reads part of the document 

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