Man Faces Terrorism Charges for Praising ADF for Killing Lhubiriha Students

By Benjamin Mwibo: The tiktoker, Resto Kalanzi, 25, who filmed himself praising ADF linked terror group for killing 37 Lhubiriha secondary school students at Mpondwe town, in Kasese district, has been slapped with charges of promoting terrorism.

The ADF linked group attacked the school on June 16 at around 10:30 pm where they stabbed, shot and bombed students as well as other adult locals. In total, 44 people have lost their lives following the heinous attack.

A day after the gruesome murder of innocent students and residents, Kalanzi recorded a video of himself praising ADF and warning that more was to come. The Directorate of Crime Intelligence -DCI tracked Kalanzi and arrested him at Lugazi town, in Buikwe district.

Police later established that Kalanzi is a shop attendant and not a bodaboda rider as he claimed in the video that went viral. DCI and the Criminal Investigations Directorate -CID has since slapped charges of promoting terrorism against Kalanzi.

Kalanzi has since apologized and asked for forgiveness. He said he recorded the video seeking to tiktok likes but he is not anywhere linked to ADF. Senior Commissioner of Police -SCP Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, said Kalanzi must face criminal charges despite his apology.

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