Magogo Defends Self on Merging Politics and Football

FUFA President Moses Magogo who doubles as the member of parliament for Budiope East has defended himself over mixing Politics with sports.

Magogo who belongs to the ruling National Resistance Movement was responding to queries raised by several football fanatics over his move to join politics at the expense of the Ugandan FA that he has presided over for nearly a decade now.

Ever since assuming the role of MP for Budiope, Magogo has faced criticism from fans, who consistently implored him to make a decisive choice between engaging in politics or maintaining his position as FUFA President, given that the former affects the latter.

Criticism intensified when Magogo was re-elected unopposed as the FUFA President in August 2021, merely months after being elected as an MP. Consequently, there has been mounting pressure on Magogo to step down, as his political affiliations are believed to be detrimental to the overall reputation of football, which should serve as a unifying force.

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Furthermore, there have been claims that juggling both positions, that of an MP and FUFA President, demands significant time and commitment.  Therefore, several people have argued that a single individual cannot adequately fulfill the responsibilities associated with both roles and that it is due to Magogo’s refusal to relinquish the FA Chairmanship position that the National Football team has encountered recent struggles.

However, during one of his regular Twitter spaces, Magogo said that; his foray into Parliament and politics has had a profoundly positive impact on Ugandan football.

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“The issue of politics; being in Parliament and at the same time being in the Federation, I think it is one of the best things that has happened to football in my view, before even I took the decision I did not know how important it is like I know it now,” Magogo said

Magogo pointed out his efforts in presenting the Sports Act as one of the successes that he has since yielded, together with the increment of the sports budget; two advancements he says would not have materialized had he not held a parliamentary position.

“The way the country is run, it is very impractical for anybody outside the challenges of football to be taking decisions or be fending for football, but as I speak today since I went to parliament we have had the sports act coming through, it would never come out, I can guarantee you. These are the things that are going to give football eternity of value.” He said

“You have seen the funding being raised from 4 billion now to over 47 for the whole sector and this is only done until you make a case” Magogo added

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