Danish Embassy Rejects Ugandan New Polycarbonate Passports

By Benjamin Mwibo: The Embassy for Denmark in Nairobi has informed government of Uganda to give it a period of two weeks to review the new Polycarbonate Uganda passport.

This follows the case of a male Ugandan who reported to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, having been denied a visa to Denmark because of holding a new Ugandan polycarbonate passport.

The new polycarbonate passport was introduced two months ago by the ministry to the public, highlighting strict measures, one being stopped to move out of Uganda without it.

Simon Peter Mundeyi the MIA spokesperson has today said the new passport is active and works else where in the world as a total of 7,000 Ugandans have been able to travel using the same type of passport.

Mundeyi that 96 Ugandans have been able to travel to Denmark using the same passport, therefore Ugandans should keep calm and not panic as everything is under control because the ministry is in touch with the Danish Embassy on the issue.

” As a Ministry we took keen interest in the matter as Uganda is currently issuing only the new polycarbonate passport, the passport was certified by the International Civil Aviation Organization ( ICAO) as the Ministry had requested,” he said.

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ICAO is a specialized agency of the United Nations that coordinates the principles and techniques of international air navigation, and fosters the planning and development of international air transport to ensure safe and orderly growth. 

Mundeyi also released more information that Ugandans must however note that the transition from old passport to the new polycarbonate passport  may be accompanied with delays and denials undertaken by serious countries but such extremely isolated cases are always handled with urgency because the ministry is doing the best to rectify the issue.

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