11 Bodies Burnt in Lhubiriha SS ADF Attack Identified

Police forensic experts working alongside the military medics have identified 11 out of 17 bodies of students who were burnt beyond recognition during the June 16, 2023 Allied Democratic Forces -ADF attack at Lhubiriha secondary school, at Mpondwe town, in Kasese district.

Although the total of killed students stood at 37, security noticed that 17 children were burnt beyond recognition after the ADF allegedly threw a bomb inside their dormitory.

Fred Enanga the police spokesperson, said 11 out of the 17 burnt bodies have been linked to parents and relatives through DNA analysis. Enanga said six bodies are yet to be identified because their parents or relatives haven’t shown up for DNA.

According to Enanga, the matched samples of 11 bodies will be collected by parents from Bweera hospital mortuary. Tumuhamye Amos 17, matched with Tumuhaise Rosette, Muhindo Brian a17 matched with Biira Silvia, Mumbere Samuel 16 matched with Baluku Yasin, Muhindo Charles 18 matched with KahindoGrace, Kule Morius 17 matched Biira Rose Mary, Masereka Joas 17 matched matched with Muhindo Rebecca.”

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Masereka Salazar 19 matched  with Jackie Mwanyezi, Byamukama Joab aged 15 samples matched Mbabazi Wilson and Tumuhise Christine , Bwambale Onesmas aged 17 samples matched Itumbu Jane, Muhindo Isaac 16 matched Kule Ingidona and lastly Mumbere Felix 16 matched Kabogo Regina.

The burial arrangements are to be catered by the government through the Ministry of Education and Sports but more relatives have been asked to come forward so that police obtains additional samples to help in the matching of the other dead bodies, he noted.

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