Alex Okello Champions Cultural Morals as the Shield of Corruption in Uganda

The Permanent Secretary of Ethics and Integrity, Okello Alex Bwangamoi, has expressed grave concern over the rampant corruption permeating all aspects of Ugandan society, ranging from educational institutions and households to communities and places of worship which he says poses a serious threat to the nation’s progress and development.

Okello’s revelation came during his oversight of a training session organized by the Rebuilding Ethics and Integrity organization intended to equip stakeholders, including district administrators, security agencies, civil society organizations, media personnel, and others, with the necessary tools to effectively combat corruption at the Iganga district council hall.

“There is no way we can eliminate corruption when parents are paying money for their children to cheat examinations which has resulted in the production of incompetent professionals in various fields in Uganda, yet within the education sector, children should be taught to respect the law and develop their moral conscience at an early age,” Okello remarked.

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“Corruption is not all about stealing and embezzling of government funds, government programs like youths’ lively wood and parish development modal yet you support raily slipers and fuels from road construction vessels, which has led to under development in the area in terms of infrastructure “. Okelo added

“We have the 10% even to chairperson lc1 on every piece of land sold which is not allocated anywhere but in the community it’s a must to pay, such practice has boosted corruption in our areas, and due to that percentage a number of lc1s have to forget their work and turn to land brokers”.

“The only way to eradicate corruption is to go back to our original custom and morals according to our culture because they were open and clear with their respective penalties, let the cultural leaders from different kingdoms and chiefdoms sensitize the to public the do’s and don’ts according to the cultural morals” permanent secretary revealed.

In the same development, Wandela Sadala, the resident district commissioner of Iganga district, urged the gathering to actively report any instances of corruption, whether they occur within government offices or within the community.

“As the security agency, we welcome everyone, and if you’re not contented with a certain office jeep on trying to other authorities from the local levels to the national anti-corruption unity in order to create harmony with the community.”

It’s our duty and responsibility of all citizens as bestowed by the constitution of Uganda to fight and abuse if authority and we must ensure transparency through information sharing, openness, and access to the information which is fundamental in efforts and activities that seek to fulfill enhance transparency. wandela said

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