PM Nabbanja Launches $217 Women Grow Project

Benjamin Mwibo

The Prime Minister of Uganda Hon Robinah Nabbanja has unveiled the International Development Association (IDA) Grant to Uganda totaling USD 217 millions meant for women empowerment.

Nabbanja unveiled the funds today at Kololo ceremonial grounds where she said she was in agreement with several members of parliament. She was accompanied by the Minister for Gender Labour and Social Development, Betty Amongi and Sarah Mateke the Minister of State for Youth and Children Affairs.

Accessing the money will be through a project known as the ”Grow’.” Nabbanja explained that the project aims at increasing access to entrepreneurial services that enable female entrepreneurs to grow their enterprises in targeted locations, including host and refugee communities.

The main implementers of the project are the Ministry for Gender Labor and Social Development , and the Private Sector Foundation Uganda. ”The grow project comes at a time when the government of Uganda has decide to reduce borrowing and  rely more on internally generated revenues and grants. Therefore the decision to disseminate information by MPs and ministers about the project before its implementation is highly commendable as it will cultivate a sense of ownership among the people, women in particular and make it easy to mobilize the beneficiaries,” Nabbanja said.

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She added that the project will focus on enabling enterprises driven by women  to grow and transition to the next level of the business circle, the project is also designed to respond to many challenges faced by women entrepreneurs such as lack of capital and limited capacity to expand their businesses.

Many women entrepreneurs find it difficult to access information on government programs. Nabbanja said it important to reach out to these women and give guidance on how to benefit from the grow project and other government programs.

Nabanjja, however, pledged as the leader of government business she will implement the project through the established structures of government. This will ensure its success, transparency and accountability.

Among said USD 42m will support women empowerment and enterprise development services including refugee host communities. The beneficiaries will be trained in technical life skills, and digital business advisory services.

USD 580m will be accessed in component two of the project is meant to finance the women entrepreneurs, support the transition from micro enterprises to small and from small to medium enterprises.

While in component four, USD 15 millions shall be injected in the program management support, policy innovation and evidence generation that will support the project management, policy innovation, and evidence generation.

The woman member of parliament for Bukomansimbi, Veronica Namaganda Nanyondo said she will help in monitoring its effectiveness. “As leader, we are now left with a role of teaching fellow women in the communities on how to engage and make use of the project to transform their lives.” Namaganda said.

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