Kenzo Mocks Bobi Wine’s Fans who think he is perfect

Big talent President and president of Uganda National Musicians Federation [UNMF] Eddy Kenzo has scoffed at the idea that National Unity Platform (NUP) president Bobi Wine is completely infallible and incapable of making mistakes.

The multi-award-winning artist was having a conversation with Sanyuka TV presenter Kayz on the current impasse between several musicians who are affiliated with the newly formed Musicians Federation and ardent supporters of Bobi Wine.

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The impasse stems from a commentary made by Bobi Wine during his speech at the late Kato Lubwama’s funeral, where he criticized musicians belonging to the Musicians Federation, urging them to distance themselves from becoming beggars of the current government.

This remark did not sit well with many musicians, who argued that Bobi Wine had no right to label them as beggars when he himself receives money from the government.

Consequently, this has ignited a war of words between Bobi Wine’s die-hard supporters and numerous musicians, who have taken to social media to criticize the Magere-based Don.

It is not uncommon for Bobi Wine’s fans, who now refer to him as “Fadha,” to claim that he is flawless and he never makes mistakes.

When Kenzo asked about potential attacks from these fans, who believe that Bobi Wine does not make mistakes, the BET award winner burst into laughter. “ Hahahahahah, really? Its okay bwaba tasobya, tewali buzibu, ffe naffe tuli kubyaffe” Kenzo said

When Kayz asked Kenzo whether he does not fear that fans would boycott musicians’ concerts, he responded by asserting that such a scenario is unlikely since the musicians’ dispute is not with the fans but rather a fight for their rights.

Kenzo, who leads the Musicians Federation, has frequently faced allegations of being associated with the NRM government. But, he has vehemently denied these claims, asserting that he is an independent thinker whose primary role is to create music, and he is willing to perform for anyone as long as he is paid.

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