Self Proclaimed ADF Agent Arrested

The Directorate of Crime Intelligence -DCI has arrested Resto Kalenzi 25, who has been trending on social media claiming to be an agent of Allied Democratic Forces -ADF agent. Kalenzi has been going viral claiming that he was part of the group that planned the attack on Lhubiriha secondary school at Mpondwe town, in Kasese district.

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ADF raided the secondary school last Friday at between 10 pm and 11 pm leaving 37 students and five local adults killed. Six other students were taken by ADF as hostages. Kalenzi is a resident of Namengo village, Lugazi Municipality. He is a shop attendant although he was wearing a crash helmet in a video as if he was a bodaboda rider.
Kalenzi is a one David Mujabi and Jane Francis Nnalongo all residents of Mayindo Bulyantete, Lugazi Municipality, Buikwe district. He is currently detained at Lugazi main police station.

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