Police Arrests Five Suspected Nansana Machete Thugs

At least five people suspected to be part of the gang that uses machetes to terrorize Nansana residents have arrested. The arrest came after an informant sighted a television flat screen earlier reported to have been stolen inside the home of Julius Ssabagereka.

Ssabagereka, who is a resident of Nansana East I A ward, quickly said he had bought the television screen from Isingoma Lwegaba aka Wasswa. The suspect led police to the hideout of Lwegaba who also revealed three more partners in the burglary and theft crimes.

Lwegaba led police to the hideouts of Faizo Ddumba aka General Faizo aged 18, Joseph Muwonge aged 26 and John Mutebi aged 17. Ddumba is a resident of Nansana East 1 zone, Muwonge is a resident of Nansana East II B ward while Mutebi is a resident of Ganda.

Patrick Onyango, the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, said the police records have shown that the suspects were recently involved in the robbery of items like televisions, mobile phones and cash in different parts of Nansana division.

“They go to bars and monitor people whom they know while in bars drinking and enjoying and way lay and Rob them on their way back home. One Ddumba Faizo alias General Faizo claims that they are headed by Lukwago Abbu alias Abasi,” Onyango said.

Police have collected exhibits of two television flat screens, two machetes allegedly used in the robberies and four mobile phones recovered. Apart from the exhibits that they were found in possession, police said the suspects claim they have no permanent homes.

“Thorough interrogations to be conducted to have these suspects reveal other associates and promoters. Thorough investigations to be done hence search and recovery of exhibits in their custody. We are going to lay ambushes in dark spot areas to have the other suspects like Abasi still at large be arrested,” Onyango said.

Security have resolved to intensify foot and motorized patrols in the division. Locals have also been urged to always alert police about people suspected to be committing crimes instead of concealing their actions.

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