Opportunity Bank Joins KCCA in Sensitizing PDM Administrators

The Opportunity Bank Uganda has joined Kampala Capital City Authority in training administrators of Parish Development Model (PDM). The KCCA and Opportunity Bank Uganda target to train parish chiefs, administrators, the city secretariat and community development officers.

All these are aimed at ensuring effectiveness of PDM towards the beneficiaries. The Bank and KCCA held the meeting in which they resolved to focus on training PDM managers with financial and investment skills.

The PDM supervisor at KCCA, Asia Kinaabi, has said that they have partnered with opportunity Bank Uganda to cement the relationship  that was  started since the inception of the program intended to change the livelihoods of the local people.

Kinaabi said: “we have been into the field with opportunity Bank and 39% of our people at the parishes are able to access a banking centre without walking distances. They have  been provided with the gadgets to enable them do away with transport costs and blockers.”

She added that sensitized farmers and other society members how to access financial assistance like the  agricultural loan to improve yields or add value to the produces. Kinaabi also explained that PDM money is available on all the accounts for Kampala and they are only left with setting a launch expected to come at the end of June. KCCA has concluded training for all the stake holders on how to use the financial inclusion system.

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Sharpley Abamu, the agricultural finance officer at Opportunity Bank said their main goal is to form an interesting partnership with the government of Uganda.

“we want to support the 39% of Ugandans still living in a subsistence farming where they only work for the stomach. We want to assist them with training in financial services so that they are  able to transit from being subsistence Ugandans to commercial Ugandans,” Abamu said.

Abamu said they also want to work on something called a Business Support Agent (BSA) model , where somebody is put at the community to support the people with training until they are ready and be linked with opportunity Bank.

By Benjamin Mwibo 

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