Journalist Ashraf Kasirye Tormentor Enock Abaine Promoted

Photo Courtesy: Journalist Ashraf Kasirye being helped after being hit by police commanded by now CP Enock Abaine.

A police officer who commanded his juniors to attack journalists and supporters of Robert Ssentamu Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine during the 2021 presidential campaign, Enock Abaine, has been promoted from the rank of Assistant Commissioner of Police –ACP to the rank of Commissioner of Police –CP.

Abaine, who was the Greater Masaka regional police commander –RPC, unleashed the brutality of the highest level to journalists and Bobi Wine’s supporters. The most affected was Ghetto TV journalist Ashraf Kasirye, who was hit on the head and sustained permanent head injuries.

Kasirye spent several months in the hospital and even after being released, his head is often supported with a plastic mask. Although police said they were going to investigate and reprimand all police officers who unleashed brutality on journalists, it stopped at talking but no action was taken.

Instead, Abaine has today been awarded with the police force’s third highest rank of CP. Abaine has been promoted by President Yoweri Museveni, the commander in chief of all armed forces alongside 1,638. Museveni has promoted nine police officers from the rank of CP to Senior Commissioner of Police –SCP which is the second highest in police force.

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Those promoted to SCP include Martin Amoru, Ubaldo Bamunoba, Beata Chelimo, Dr John Kamya, Elias Kassirabo, Franklin Kugonza, Fenny Kyomukama, Bazil Mugisha and Venis Baguma Tumuhimbise. This time, Museveni has not promoted anyone to topmost rank of Assistant Inspector General of Police-AIGP.

Police officers who have today attained the rank Commissioner of Police with Enock Abaine are: Alison Agaba, Jamal Basalirwa, Agapitus Ecotu, Godfrey Bolingo, David Manzi, Ben Mubangizi, Micheal Mugabi, Anatoli Muleterwa, Dan Munanura, Deo Onyango Obura, Peter Ogwal, Moses Obbo Otaala, Francis Okello, Micheal Walwanga and Dr Rosemary Nanyonga.

Former Flying Squad Unit –FSU commandants Peter Kakonge and Godwin Tumugumye have promoted to Senior Superintendent of Police –SSP to Assistant Commissioner of Police –ACP. Others SSPs who have attained the ACP rank include Olal Dale Johnson for CID commander KMP, Zurah Ganyana, Ibrahim Saiga, and Ashraf Chemonges.  

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