Security Guard Kills Bar Attendant

ASP Racheal Kawala Wamala regional police spokesperson

A security guard has shot and killed a bar attendant in Kassanda district. ASP Racheal Kawala the Wamala police spokesperson said Jolesi Kasangani was killed by a one Ronnie attached to Hazza security company.

Kawala said a case of aggravated robbery and murder by shooting has been opened. This incident occurred at midnight at Katuugo B Village, Kyanamugera Parish, Naluntuntu Sub-county, Kassanda District.

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Kisangani 35, was shot by Ronnie accompanied by other two men identified as Patrick and Moses.

“They demanded money and a phone from the deceased and her customers, holding them at gunpoint. Following her resistance, the security guard shot her at close range on the left side of her ear fatally injuring her. The suspects fled the scene after the shooting,” Kawala said.

Security team led by the District Police Commander (DPC) of Kassanda visited the scene of the crime and recorded relevant statements to aid in the ongoing investigations.

“Material exhibits recovered from the scene will be submitted for forensic analysis and comparison,” Kawala said.

Kawala said the weapon used in the murder, SAR No. UG POL 124/EH1086106119, was recovered from a motor vehicle Reg No UAW 813E.

Police said they have learnt that the security guard (suspect) was deployed to guard the home of Hajji Walugembe in the same area.

After the shooting, the security guard returned to his workplace and dumped the weapon in a motor vehicle.

“Efforts are underway to arrest the suspects involved in this heinous crime. We urge anyone with information that could lead to the arrest of the suspects to report to the nearest police station,” Kawala said.

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