Police Commander, UPDF Soldier Among Suspects in IBC Clerk Murder

The Chieftaincy of Military Intelligence – CMI and its sister security agencies have revealed the names of the four people suspected to have killed IBC clerk Ronnie Mukisa. Mukisa was shot to death on May 31 in Ndejje division, Makindye Ssabagabo municipality, in Wakiso district. 

CMI in collaboration with Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) and Crime Intelligence (CI) have named the suspects as businessman Robert Karedou Irama, his wife Brenda Cathy Nalwoga, CPL Anyuse Max Geoffrey, a UPDF deserter and self-appointed bodyguard to the couple, and Superintendent of Police- SPVincent Irama  attached to KMP North. 

Through a joint statement released by Senior Commissioner of Police -SCP Fred Enanga the police spokesperson, security said Cpl Anyuse was hired by  Karedou and Nalwoga to trail and shoot to kill Mukisa after a business deal went bad.

Enanga explained that Cpl Anyuse has since alleged that he was given the gun by SP Irama who has been a very close friend to the couple. 

CMI and sister security agencies’ investigations indicate that SP Irama has been for a long time safeguarding Karedou and Nalwoga whenever they had challenges related to their businesses.

Karedou and Nalwoga are being detained at Kajjansi while SP Irama and Cpl Anyuse are reportedly detained at Makindye military barracks.

“We searched SP Irama’s home and recovered a pistol which was official and an AK47 gun with two newly replaced bullets. We want Irama to explain what he used the two bullets for and later replaced them ,” Enanga said. 

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Security said Cpl Anyuse shot Mukisa four times. This means SP Irama’s gun if it is the one he hired to Cpl Anyuse, then the gun would have four newly replaced bullets.

“We have given the guns to our ballistic experts to investigate the guns we have recovered at SP Irama’s home and the two AK47 rifles we have collected at Karedou and Nalwoga’s home in Kulambiro,” Enanga said.

Mukisa was working with IBC Advocates located at Namanda Plaza, Kampala. He was staying at Kitiko- Birongo village. On the fateful day,  Mukisa who according to neighbours often returned home very late, returned at 11pm which was a bit early.

He parked his Sabaru vehicle inside and then came out to close the gate. It was at that point Cpl Anyuse shot him twice and decided to run away. However, he returned seconds later and gave him two more bullets. 

Enanga said the military, intelligence and investigations team have established that before Cpl Anyuse fled on a waiting motorcycle, he called Nalwoga and informed her that he had accomplished the mission.

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