Police Arrest Two Suspects over Murder of Bugiri Inspector of Schools

Killed Bugiri schools inspector Tenywa Kazungu

Two suspects have been apprehended by the Bugiri district police, in collaboration with the Iganga district police force, in connection with the murder of the Bugiri inspector of schools, Tenwya Kazungu with the help of their intelligence in Busoga East region.

Confirming the arrest, SP Nandawula Diana, the spokesperson for the Busoga East region, stated that the two individuals taken into custody were casual workers employed on Kazungu’s farm.

They have been identified as Christopher Byansi, aged 20, and Abudhala Ziraba, aged 26, who is also known as Kisambira Moses. Both suspects reside in Buseere village, Luuka district. “These individuals were apprehended in Nawankonge village, Nawanyinji sub-county, Iganga district, based on information gathered by our intelligence,” Nandawula revealed.

Upon interrogation, the arrested individuals admitted to the murder of the Bugiri district inspector of schools claiming that their motive behind the crime was a demand for 900,000 Ugandan shillings owed to them for their labor on Kazungu’s farm, located in Nandelema zone, Kapyanga sub-county, Bugiri district.

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Shockingly, they further confessed to demanding a ransom of 20 million from Kazungu’s daughter before ultimately disposing of his body in a pit latrine in order to conceal the evidence.
detained at Bugiri district police station as the file is wrapped up

Nandawula asked workers to promptly report any mistreatment experienced in employment to the nearest police station or local council. This measure aims to discourage such incidents from escalating into tragic acts of violence, which harm both workers and employers.

She further asked individuals without formal appointment letters to provide any evidence substantiating their work history with the individual or organization in question. The two suspects are detained at Bugiri district police station as the file is wrapped up.

By Daniel Mumbya

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