No Big Covid-19 Threat, But Keep Alert- Dr. Acheng MOH

Photo/Courtesy of MOH Dr Jane Ruth Aceng

Dr. Jane Ruth Acheng, Minister of Health has asked Ugandans to avoid panic for Covid-19 arising from reports of President Yoweri Museveni testing positive.

The president declared his state during a state of the Nation Address two days ago declaring that he would be off in self-isolation for two days.

According to the ministry of Health, the report should simply serve as a reminder that while Covid-19 is no longer a pandemic, cases shall still occur.

“Even though the variant now may not be a lethal one, still some cases may end up in hospital,” Dr. Acheng noted.

The World Health Organization similarly of recent declared an end to the Covid-19 as a public Health Emergency, but stressed that it did not mean the disease was no longer a global threat.

The Minister of Health appealed to Ugandans to that had not been vaccinated against Covid-19 to reach out to health centers to acquire vaccines. With this she noted while other standards of operation should be observed, masks have been dropped with an assumption that individuals are vaccinated.

Over time, immunity has increased and death rates dropped according to reports by World Health Organization. On its Coronavirus dash board as of 10 May, 2023, the cumulative cases worldwide were 766 million. Roughly 7 million deaths from Covid-19 had been reported.

By Shifra Kwagala

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