Nakapiripirit District Speaker Summoned Over Illicit Waragi

Photo Courtesy of impounded illicit Waragi from Nakapiripirit district Speaker’s home

Police in Nakapiripirit has summoned the district speaker, Richard Lochoro, over stocking illicit alcohol commonly known as Waragi. The 35 jerrycans of Waragi were seized from Lochoro’s home on Saturday as Christians celebrated the Martyrs’ Day.

Mike Longole, the Mt Moroto regional police spokesperson, said the illicit alcohol was impounded from Lochoro’s home by the joint security teams securing people who had gone for prayers in Namalu to observe martyrs day.

“Security managed to impound 35 Jerrycans of Waragi in the home of Hon. Lochoro Richard LCV councilor for Namalu Sub-county who also doubles as the District speaker for Nakapiripirit District. All the 35 Jerrycans of illicit Waragi are now in the Police exhibit store at CPS Nakapiripirit,” Longole said.

Police described the incident as unfortunate since the Speaker is supposed to exemplary and discourage illicit alcohol that puts lives of locals as risk. “Our investigation team has summoned the speaker so as to have his statement recorded. It is unfortunate that some leaders still condone and promote criminality in their areas of jurisdiction instead of helping joint security forces to fight criminality,” Longole said.

Security has applauded the teams that conducted the operation and also thanked the locals for extra vigilance they exhibited leading to the impounding of illicit Waragi. The illicit Waragi has been cited as one of the motivating factors for the violence in the area. Call GEEPAS FOR GENUINE ELECTRONICS: 0707080087

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