Uganda Peoples Defence Forces -UPDF operating under the East African Regional Force (EARF) in DRC has helped to solve a water crisis that had hit Rutshuru territory in North Kivu as a result of broken water pipelines which got damaged two years ago.

The Deputy Head of Uganda Continent Engineering Component Captain ELias Arinaitwe during the engineering works said that the main pipe was cut off and some parts were damaged. Water had stopped flowing from the source to the main reserve tank for distribution to the community “the job was tedious but we had to dig out and trace for the break point and fixed a new pipe to join the broken piece to ensure that water flows from the chamber to be distributed to the reserve tank. Water is now flowing and the community can now safely use clean water than before. He added that the team also fixed new taps to avoid congestions at collection points.


Mr. Ngagijimana Ndianabo Kakosi, the local Chief of Rutshuru territory in North Kivu lamented that the community of Niongera, Bwironde, Ruweze, Kiwanja, Rutshuru and Kinyandoni town had suffered for two years with no adequate clean water forcing people to use dirty stagnant contaminated water which had caused a lot of water bone diseases namely bilharzia, Typhoid, dysentery and diarrhea due to poor water sanitation and hygiene as the community had resorted to consuming dirty water.

He immensely appreciated the contingent’s sympathy, professionalism and ideology for being pro people army to the civil populace regardless of sectarianism “we are Congolese by nationality and you are from Uganda but you deeply felt the challenges affecting the people in this area. May God bless you UPDF, the peace lovers.” Added Chief Kikosi.

Mr. Eric Bahati, the Chairman of water management committee in Rutshuru territory while giving his maiden speech applauded the UPDF for taking the communities concern seriously in an effort to solve the water crisis predicament. He urged the community to protect and keep the water facility clean and guard it jealously from any damage and impurities for the future generation because safe water is safe life.

Uganda Peoples Defence Force Contingent is for peace keeping mission in the Democratic Republic of Congo and is committed to ensure the fulfillment of EACRF Mandate and stand to ensure total support to the civil populace in an effort to stabilize areas under its control.

As Shared By Col Deo Akiiki the deputy UPDF Spokesperson.

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