22 Year Old Man Cut to Death, Body Placed in the Road

Police in Rukungiri district are investigating the motive behind the killing of a 22 year old man and placing his body in the middle of the road.

The victim whose murder has been recorded on CRB 753/2023 has been identified as Phillip Nuwahereza.

Nuwahereza’s murder was brought to police attention by his father Milton Ahimbisibwe 58, a resident of Rwonyo Village, Rwanyondo Parish, Nyakishenyi Sub-county, Rukungiri district.

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Ahimbisibwe said his son who was a casual labourer left home on the 31/05/2023 at around 5 pm going to unknown destination.

“My son didn’t return home until today (June 1) when I received a phone call that he has been murdered at Nyakishoroza trading center,” Ahimbisibwe said.

Nuwahereza’s body was first seen by Barigye Portman a driver of an omnibus from Nyakishenyi to Kampala. He informed the area Chairperson that a dead body was in the middle of the road.

ASP Elly Mate the Kigezi regional police spokesperson said Rukungiri CPS was duly notified, visited the scene and collected the possible exhibits. The body was conveyed to Rwakabengo health center III for Postmortem.

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