‘Eat’ PDM Money at Your Own Risk

The appointed beneficiaries of the  parish development modal program in Busoga region have been urged to been urged to prepare themselves before they receive the funds.

Hajji Abubakar Walubi the Busoga region NRM chairperson, said lack of preparedness hampers the parish development model program.

To eliminate poverty in Busoga using the parish development model needs alertness of everyone involved in the program including the beneficiaries.

Walubi made the remarks at burial of NRM of Edinard Isabirye, at Kiwanyi village Buyanga sub county Bugweri district.

“This project was introduced with a purpose of developing the local people at the parish level. It is not for clearing the bank loans and to refresh yourself through buying new clothes, necklaces, shoes, and changing meals,” Walubi said.

The PDM, Walubi, said will improve standards of living and help people to make profits.

Walubi warned the government employees who planning to use PDM to benefit themselves at the expense of the local people to drop the ambitions early enough before they face the consequences.

Parish chiefs have been singled out of frustrating government programs by asking for bribes and giving the beneficiaries conditions that are hard to meet.

“National resistance movement has introduced a number of programs to improve on the people’s status like Emyooga, operation wealthy creation, Entandikwa to families and youth livelihood fund. But most of them failed due to government officials who always changes the projects aims to their benefits,” Walubi said.

Ogaza Kisambila, the PDM Spokesperson said that Iganga district they have registered over 800 groups to benefit from the project.

Kisambila added that theĀ  district has received 2.4 billion shillings and so far 1’500 beneficiaries have been cleared in the system.

Reported by Daniel Mumbya

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