Policeman Wabwire Remanded Over Killing Indian Money Lender

Photo/Courtesy of PC Ivan Wabwire

Police Constable, Ivan Wabwire 30, who allegedly shot dead an Indian businessman inside Raja Chambers along parliament avenue in Kampala has been arraigned before the Buganda Road Chief Magistrate‚Äôs Court on murder charges. 

It’s alleged that on the 12 of May at Parliament Avenue, Wabwire, a resident of the Central Police Station Kampala Police Barrack Nakasero parish with Malice aforethought unlawfully killed Bhandari Uttam Saremal.

The Chief Magistrate Sarah Tusiime the chief magistrate of Buganda road court said that her court has no jurisdiction to hear this case and powers to try Wabwire so he was not be given a chance to plead.

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Joan Keko, the state attorney said that investigations in the matter are nearly complete but they are still trying to find out the mental state of Wabwire.

She said that the prosecution will make a formal application to allow them access to the accused person in prison so that they can test his mental state.

Justice Tusiime further remanded Wabwire up to June 7 for mention to allow the state to complete the investigations.    

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