Crocodile Kills 20 Year Old Man

Picture of ASP Hellen Butoto

A 20 year old man has been killed by a crocodile at Sindiro island, Mpaata parish, Bweema Subcounty Buvuma district.

Denis Bukuubo, a fisherman allegedly went fishing at about 7 pm at Sindiro island with a friend whose names are not yet known.

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“They were using illegal fishing gears commonly known as Sekeseke and a crocodile attacked them in due course of fishing under water,” ASP Hellen Butono the Ssezibwe regional police spokesperson said.

Bukuubo was a resident of Suule village, Mpaata Parish, in Bweema Sub-county Buvuma district.

His death scene was visited and some bodie remains were recovered. Butoto said the postmortem was not done since the father of the deceased refused it to be done.

Bukuubo’s burial took place at Buwala village, Nakakulwe parish, Butagaya sub-county in Jinja District. His death was reported a day after the occurrence.

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