Police Surgeons Dismiss Mental Illness In Police Officer’s Shooting of Money Lender

The Uganda police force surgeons have ruled out the possibility that, Constable Ivan Wabwire, shot and killed an Indian money lender, Uttam Bhandari, under the influence of mental disorder.

Wabwire shot Bhandari last Friday afternoon inside his office at Rajja Chambers along Parliament Avenue in Kampala city. Bhandari operated a money lending business called TFS financial services where he often lent money to police officers and other members of the public.

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A day after Wabwire shot Bhandari, Senior Superintendent of Police – SSP Patrick Onyango, the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, issued a statement explaining that he had been diagnosed with a mental disorder six years ago.

Onyango said Kampala Central Police Station took a decision never to deployed him in situations that would demand him to use a gun.

However, Wabwire on the fateful day picked a gun of his colleague, Constable Stephen Muromba, with whom he shared a room and used it to kill Bhandari.

At the time of the incident, Muromba who has since been dismissed from the police force had left his gun in their room as he swiftly rushed to attend to his sick child.

Nevertheless, Senior Commissioner of Police, Fred Enanga, has said that the police force’s surgeons have observed that Wabwire acted with full conscious. Police added that Wabwire is not remorseful for his lethal action thus concluding that it was a predetermined crime.

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