Victims of Kisoro Landslides Identified

Police in Kisoro district have identified the nine people killed by landslides at the start of this week.

ASP Elly Mate, the Kigezi regional police spokesperson, has identified the deceased as Owamaria Gilades 25, Tuyizere Jason 17, Mucunguzi Gildasi 15, Yaturinze Junior 15, Tumuhimana Desire 11, Nyiranzara Provia 53, Uwineza Rachel 7, and Kazungu Nelson 21.

Police have also identified the injured persons as Sehene Daniel 49, and Nyirabwengye Hope .

“It’s alleged that during heavy downpour a mud slide hit the home of Mr Tibarikure Gabudiozi, the chairperson LC1 of biizi village, Chibumba parish. He was not in the house at that time,” ASP Mate said.

However, Tibarikure’s wife Nyirabwenje hope was in the house together with the three of his children, Owamaria Gladys,
Twizere Jason, Mucunguzi Gilidasi and their grand daughter Tumuhimana Desire were in the house.

“The wife managed to run out but the three children and the grand daughter died therein,” ASP Mate said.

Police and Red Cross have established that during the mud slide, a couple one Sehene Daniel and his wife Nyanzara Provia were walking passed the home of the chairman and were pushed by the mudslide towards the house of the chairman and the woman also died therefrom.

“Residents managed to rescue Mr Sehene Daniel who was rushed to Chahafi health center IV and the getting treatment. The wife of the chairman was also rushed to Mutolere Hospital for treatment,” ASP Mate said.

Police said in another parish in Gihuyaga village, Kagaro Parish, Murora Subcounty one Kazungu Nelson an S 6 student was in a house that was hit by a mud slide and also died there in.

Also one Uwineze Rachael, a resident of Kabyaza village, karago Parish, Murora Subcounty a P.1 pupil at karago primary school was also in a house that was hit by a mudslide and died therein.

“The landslide generally affected three villages that is Biiz,Gihunga and kabyaza all in murora sub-county kisoro District,” ASP Mate said.

Red Cross and police visited the scenes and postmortem was done at the different tragedy sites and bodies were handed over to the relatives for burial.

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