Mudslides Kill 8 People in Kisoro

At least eight people perished in the Tuesday mudslides that ravaged Kisoro district.

Six of the eight victims are said to have been children of the same family. The heavy down pour that caused the mudslides found when the father who’s also the village Chairman was away.

The children’s mother survived the floods but currently in a critical condition. The deceased children’s father has been identified as Gaudiozi Ntibarikure serving as a leader of Bizi village, Chibumba parish, Murora Sub County, in Kisoro.

Kisoro residents witnessed heavy rains on Tuesday leaving gardens destroyed and lives claimed.

Locals of the affected Sub-county led by the Local Council Three Chairman, Hadard Nkunzimana, named some of the deceased’s people as Gladiz Uwamariya 20, Glidas Mucunguzi, and Jason Tutizere. The children were in primary five, seven and two.

Other people who died are Desire Tumuhimana, and a one Junior.

Floods also spread to other parts of the country particularly in Ntoroko leaving village ravaged by floods.

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