Two Suspected Robbers Arrested, Guns Recovered

Police in Koboko accompanied by military have arrested two suspected robbers and recovered two guns.

The arrest that was intelligence was conducted in Koboko municipality West division and later extended to Midia Sub-county.

The forces had received overwhelming public outcries of armed robbers staging day and night roadblocks.

SP Josephine Angucia, the West Nile regional police spokesperson has identified the suspects as Moses 35, a resident of Alimakodra Cell, Ombaci ward, North division Koboko municipality Koboko district.

SP Angucia said the other suspect is Abu Ramza 20, a resident of Lumutu Cell, Isoko ward, West division, Koboko municipality.

“After thorough joint interrogation by intelligence and Criminal Investigations team, the two suspects revealed the whereabout of two riffles that they have been using in their criminal operations,” SP Angucia said.

The suspects later led police and military to Ayimini village Degiba Parish Midia Sub-county, Koboko district where the two guns were recovered, wrapped in a blue empty sack and placed beneath some dry grass in Yerezaku valley.

Security has said the two riffles included AK 47 No. 58038020 with one magazine and 11 rounds of live bullets.

SP Angucia added that another gun was also an AK 47 No.38020 with one magazine and 09 rounds of live bullets.

“A search was later conducted in the houses of the suspects and the exhibits recovered from the house of Sunday Moses were 02 solar panels, 01 solar battery,
04 ignition keys of suspected robbed motorcycles, and 01 desert Army jungle boot,” SP Angucia said.

Security said the house of the other suspect one Abu Ramza was also searched but no exhibits were recovered. Police have the two suspects in custody while investigations have been instituted vide CRB 261/2023, CRB 262/2023 and CRB 263/2023 of Koboko CPS.

“Effort to arrest the remaining suspects and to recover more exhibits is at high gear,” SP Angucia said.

The joint investigations indicate that the two riffles were from South Sudan.

“We urge the general public to cooperate with police and other security urgencies through sharing of information so as to remove illegal guns from the hands of wrong people as such may lead to increased cases of robberies and murders, resulting into insecurity in the communities,” SP Angucia said.

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