Gun Brandishing Men Whisk Suspect from Police in Kampala


Police officers at Nile coach police post are still in shock after gun brandishing civilians whisked a suspect from them in broad daylight.

Trouble started when Cpl Erasu on information intercepted one man with four suspected stolen laptops.

“The suspect was intercepted around Nebbi park and brought to Nile coach police post for interrogation. As I was interrogating the suspect, three plain clothed men walked in to the office introduced themselves as state house operatives and wanted to know what the suspect was doing in police,” police source said.

A police officer tried explained to them that they only wanted proof of ownership of the laptops.

A senior police officer at Nile police post went to attend to his brother who needed a bank transaction.

However, when the men saw that the senior police officer had left, one of them picked a gun from their car and they pointed it at Cpl Erasu ordering him to release the suspect.

“I left Cpl Erasu to handle the matter. To my surprise, while in the bank, CPl Erasu called me on phone telling me one man with shades went to the vehicle UBA 282V premio silver grey and picked an AK 47, put the police men on gun point and whisked away the suspect and the exhibits,” police officer explains.

Police have opened a case file SD 35/26/4/2023 for being in possession of suspected stolen property. The second cases threatening violence on reference 36/26/4/2023 and the third case is aiding a suspect to escape registered on reference 37/26/4/2023.

Nile police post commander ASP Phyllis Tabu has already notified his seniors at CPS Kampala about the incident.

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