CT Arrests 3 With Bomb Dropping Drones

Courtesy picture of November 16, 2021 bombings in Kampala.

If information from Counter-Terrorism (CT) police officers is anything to go by, then Uganda could be headed for trouble as terrorists are planning to start dropping Improvised Explosive Devices -IEDs using remote controlled drones.

A team of CT police officers armed to the teeth raided a Maganjo area, Wakiso district, at the weekend where they arrested three suspected terrorists with IEDs and drones that were allegedly going to drop them in their targeted areas.

“Over the weekend Police Counter terrorism unit arrested three suspected terrorists within Kampala Metropolitan area. The exhibits recovered include two drones, explosives and liquid substances used for making bombs,” sources said.

Security agencies have since revealed that IED, drones and liquid substances used for making explosives were seized from the suspects.  Police Bomb Squad Unit and Directorate of Forensic Science have since established that the drones had capacity to carry an explosive weighing about 6kg.

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“According to experts the drones can carry up 6kgs while in the air. This is a sign that the terrorists are changing their methods of operation of using drones to deliver bombs to intended targets without necessary someone carrying to the target,” senior security sources said.

Uganda experienced IEDs blasts in Kampala on November 16, 2021 which left four people including a police officer Amos Kungu killed. Three weeks earlier, an IED had exploded at a popular pork joint in Kulambiro killing a female waitress.

Following the bomb incidents, Uganda deployed military forces in The Democratic Republic of Congo -DRC after intelligence and investigations linked the bombers in Kampala to Allied Democratic Forces -ADF. So far, more than 100 ADF linked militants have been killed and scored have been arrested.

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