Newly Born Baby Spends Night in Kasangati Pit Latrine, Rescued Alive

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Police in Kasangat have rescued a newly born baby from a pit latrine where it had spent more than 20 hours. The shocking incident happened at Kabaga -Kayanga village and it is suspected that the baby was dumped into the pit latrine by its mother Winne Namulema.

Facts so far gathered by police indicate that Namulema Bulyaba was a shop attendant working for Belinda Bulyaba. However, Bulyaba was shocked to find Namulema’s room full of blood at the night at around 11 pm.

Bulyaba said she asked Namulema what had happened she remained mute. She decided to take her to the clinic where she told the health workers that the baby dropped in the pit latrine when she had gone to easy herself.

Bulyaba said the health workers gave Namulema treatment and they return home. However, the next morning Bulyaba heard a baby crying in the pit latrine when she went to pour their urine. Namulema again did not respond to Bulyaba when she asked about the incident. The latter rushed and informed Kiteezi police which also alerted the fire brigade counterparts who retrieved the baby from the pit latrine.

“The baby was removed from the pit latrine by the fire brigade team. It was taken to the hands of Love Medical Center by ASP Busingye Pellan for treatment and later referred to Mulago Hospital for better management,” SSP Patrick Onyango the KMP police spokesperson said.

Onyango said the suspect Namulema was arrested and is currently detained at Kitezi Police Station. The female baby’s life is now in the hands of medical experts at Mulago. Police have recovered exhibits of blood-stained bedsheets.

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