KIU Student Found Decomposing in Rented Room

The KMP deputy police spokesperson.

Adam Rukundo, a third-year law student at Kampala International University has been discovered dead and decomposing in his rented room. Rukundo’s single room had been closed for some days and the neighbours could not suspect that he was dead inside.

However, on the evening of last Friday, a foul stench started emanating from Rukundo’s room something that sent the fellow tenants into a panic. They quickly alerted the landlord, area leaders, and police.

ASP Luke Owoyesigyire, the deputy Kampala police spokesperson, said when police officers broke into the house, they found Rukundo’s body in a decomposing state. Police have said Rukundo was dressed in a trouser and a jersey.

At the scene, police did not detect any signs of violence unleashed on Rukundo and he looked to have died without any scuffle. ASP Owoyesigyire said they are now waiting for a postmortem to establish what exactly caused Rukundo’s death.

Last year, Shallon Nsiimenta 21, a student of Kyambogo University, at Bushenyi learning centre was found dead in her rented house. She was discovered dead by her roommate when she returned from school.

Nsiimenta’s roommate who was only identified as Kyomuhendo said the deceased had breathing difficulties and bought some medication. She, however, returned from the lectures and found her dead.

In May 2021, James Eyangu, a Makerere University fresh graduate was discovered dead in his rented room. After the graduation party with colleagues, Eyangu entered his room and was two days later discovered dead.

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