Archbishop Kazimba Condemns Corruption, Homosexuality in Easter Message

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The Church of Uganda Archbishop, Dr Samuel Kazimba, has condemned all people glorifying corruption and homosexuality in his Easter message. Christians all over the world will mark the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ this weekend April 9.

Many Christians in different parts of the world including Uganda’s capital Kampala walked carrying the cross to various distances and destinations remembering Jesus Christ who was made to carry his cross as he was going to be crucified.

Archbishop Kazimba utilized the Good Friday activities to condemn corruption and homosexuality thus reminding people that such acts are ungodly and would lead many to hell. Kazimba said they have talked about corruption for years but people are instead becoming more corrupt.

 “We talk and talk and talk about this challenge in our country, but nothing seems to change. There is no power greater than death. Corruption is a strong force, but it is not stronger than death…and Jesus has defeated death. More than that, He has risen to empower us to defeat the demon of corruption,” Kazimba said.

Kazimba cited the theft of iron sheets meant for the poor people in the Karamoja sub-region that were stolen by cabinet officials and legislators leading to the arrest and the charging of Minister Mary Gorreti Kitutu. Apart from Uganda’s leader Yoweri Museveni, his top executive has been cited and some have confessed to stealing Karamoja iron sheets.

“If we really feared this God who rose from the dead to empower us, we would not steal things that do not belong to us. We would not demand bribes, nor offer bribes. We would not take iron sheets we know were intended for the under-served in Karamoja. We would not steal things from people who have even less than us. How can you steal from your brother or sister when you fear God? It’s not possible,” Kazimba said.

Kazimba also castigated all those that are practicing or promoting homosexuality in Uganda. He said homosexuality is currently a challenge because it is being forced on Ugandans by outside, foreign actors against people’s will, against the country’s cultures, and against religious beliefs.

“They disguise themselves as human rights activists but are corrupting real human rights by adding LGBTQI+ to their agenda. We send Easter greetings to the President of Uganda, H.E. Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, and his dear wife, Mama Janet, to all Members of Parliament and local governments, and to the members of the Judiciary,” Kazimba said.

The Archbishop wished a happy Easter to Bishops and their wives, the Clergy, Lay Readers, and Christians of the Church of Uganda. He also congratulated the Dioceses and their new Bishops who have been consecrated since the beginning of this year – North Karamoja, Mukono, North Kigezi, and Muhabura.

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