Man Hired at UGX 30,000 to Seize a Piece of Land Shot by Guards

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A 38 year old man who was hired at a fee of 30,000 Uganda shillings to seize a piece of land alongside a group of others has been shot and injured by private security guards deployed to protect the same place.

Vincent Asiimwe has told police that he and others were paid 30000 shillings to go and take guard of a piece of land located at Ziranyumbwe zone, Makindye Ssabagabo Municipality, Wakiso District.

However, the family and relatives of Dr Ham Mulira, that had earlier won a court case against Maliko Bityo and 11 others, had already deployed armed private security guards. Asiimwe said when they approached the land armed with sticks, and machetes, the guards fired at them.

Asiimwe explained that among them one was armed and he too fired back at the guards thus turning the Thursday evening incident into a fire exchange scenario. Police have since established that the group of Asiimwe had one Harid Mutaasa who had an SMG rifle.

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Patrick Onyango, the Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson, said Mutaasa has since been traced, arrested and his gun recovered with seven bullets. Police have established that Asiimwe is a ‘loader’ in the Owino market who is often hired to act as a bodyguard commonly referred to as a bouncer.

“In his own statement (Asiimwe), states that he and unspecified others were hired by one known as Ex to go and take guard of the land at Ziranyumbwe at a fee of 30,000 SHILLINGS daily. He further states that they attempted to occupy the land at 8:30 pm only to be repulsed by armed guards,” Onyango said.

Facts gathered showed that Mulira, his relatives Sarah Mulira and George Kasekedde Mukasa won a suit registered on vide HCCS 278/2008. Court awarded the among others an eviction order against judgment debtors. Police added explained that an eviction order was executed in presence of area police on November 16/2022.

Mulira deployed private security guards after being cleared by police headquarters. The land in contestation is at Kyadondo block 260 plot 94. Prior to the shooting melee, Mulira had reported a case of criminal trespass to Katwe police by unknown persons following persistent occupation despite an eviction court order which was issued.

Onyango said the private security guards at the scene shot bullets as two cartridges were recovered. Two permanent buildings at the scene were partially demolished and now the area has been placed under police protection.

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