UPDF-FADARC Kill 22 ADF Rebels

The Uganda People’s Defence Forces alongside the Congolese military have killed over 22 rebels linked to Allied Democratic Forces- ADF. The fierce fire exchange that happened on Sunday morning was witnessed at Sulby and Semulik rivers.

Four AK47 rifles, 313 bullets, seven solar panels, five radio callers, and two mobile phones were recovered by the joint forces. Uganda and DRC forces have vowed to continue hunting for the ADF rebels who have been accused of killing many Congolese nationals.

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Maj Umar Bilal Katamba the UPDF Shujja operations spokesperson said the forces have given rebels chance to surrender because some of them were kidnapped and forcefully initiated into the rebel activities.

“We shall not stop until the Congolese people and Ugandans have peace,” Maj Katamba said. The UPDF entered DRC in November 2021 after Improvised Explosive Devices -IEDs went off in Kampala on October 23rd and November 16 respectively leaving five people dead.

More than 100 ADF-linked militants have been killed since Uganda and DRC embarked on joint operations. A number of weapons have been recovered from ADF and some of the rebels have been captured.

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