Man Claiming to be ADF Commander Arrested Inside Kampala Bar

Police APCs for volatile situations like terror attacks. Courtesy pic

Security in Kampala has arrested a man who claims to be the commander of Allied Democratic Forces -ADF cells in the City. Derrick Ashaba was picked from a bar at Kakajjo zone, Bukesa parish, in Old Kampala threatening other merrymakers.

Security swung into action after Inspector of Police -IP Joseph Lule, the Officer Incharge of Riverside police post was tipped that Ashaba who had been claiming to be commander of an ADF cell was at a drinking joint.

Ashaba as usual began his threats that he would bomb revellers if they did not stop annoying him. Little did he know that security was already waiting for him. IP Lule commanded a team that grabbed Ashaba like a chicken thief.

Locals have since said Ashaba was an irregular client at Fred’s bar but would often claim he is the commander of ADF cells and also has links to the M23 rebel group that is terrorizing the Democratic Republic of Congo- DRC.

“Ashaba was drinking at the said bar and threatening people around that he was the commander of ADF and M23 in Congo. He claimed that he makes a lot of money. He went ahead to convince fellow drunkards to join ADF which brought suspicion,” a detective said.

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At first, drunkards ignored Ashaba’s claims thinking he was under the influence of alcohol. However, when it became his usual claim and to the point of showing people that they can make quick money by joining ADF, they decided to alert security.

“We have noticed that Ashaba is a new person in Kakajjo zone. He sleeps in Kawaala at a friend’s rented house Kagame. He is currently detained at Old Kampala waiting for interrogation,” the source said.

Uganda has been on high alert after two Improvised Explosive Devices- IEDs went off on November 16, 2021, killing four people and three other suspected suicide bombers. Since then, over 60 terror suspects have been arrested in the greater Kampala area and other areas of Busoga, Kasese and Masaka. The attack in Kampala was the basis for sending the military to DR Congo to face off with ADF whose bases were in the country’s think forests.

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