We Shall Continue to Prioritize Equality in Police -IGP

Female and Male recruits at police training school in Masindi- Courtesy picture.

The Inspector General of Police- IGP Martin Ochola, has promised female officers that the force he superintends will continue to prioritize gender equality as the world today marks women’s day.

Ochola, whose leadership show the force adopting the gender policy four years ago said gender equality works both ways and its important to have equal levels of access to opportunities to enable all the officers to reach their full potential.

“We are also grateful and respectful to the women and men, who have campaigned for gender equality for many years. At the UPF, we are fortunate that our organization recognizes and celebrates the need for equality for all,” IGP said in a statement released on Tuesday evening.

Ever since Ochola took over the mantle to steer the Uganda police, the number of women officers has increased in the last two recruitments. Police in 2019 and 2021 recruitments preserved 30 percent of the vacancies to females and this has increased numbers from about 7,700 to now 101,05.

Because the police recruited 5,000 officers in each of the last two intakes, it means the 30 percent of ringfenced positions for females led to the total recruitment of about 3000 women in 2019 and 2021.

Ochola emphasized that in UPF, gender equality, and empowerment remain a priority, both in policing operations and leadership roles. He added that UPF will continue to see steady progress with the number of women in the force increasing as well as that of women in senior roles of leadership.

“We are supporting the theme and continue to encourage all women in the UPF to aim higher to achieve what they are capable of and to believe in themselves. What’s encouraging is that today, there are more women in policing, more women in being promoted into higher ranks and in specialist roles in IT, Forensics, top leadership,” Ochola said.

This year’s International Women’s Day has been celebrated under the theme of Innovation and Technology, for gender equality. IGP has celebrated all female officers, volunteers, and staff. Ochola’s gender equality efforts are not only seen in increased numbers of female police officers but also in appointments. There are many women serving as District/Division Police Commanders -DPCs, Officers Incharge -OC stations, and directors.

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