How 10 Guns Were Recovered from Criminals, Warriors Last Weekend

Police Spokesperson SCP Fred Enanga

The Flying Squad Unit -FSU has arrested thugs suspected to have shot to death, Samuel Okello, a Bodaboda rider in Gulu City, Northern Uganda. FSU said Okello was hired on Wednesday last week by two men to transport them to Aywee village but turned against him at Vanguard cell.

Okello 32, was operating at Pece African quarters cell in Gulu City, and his motorcycle was robbed by the killers. FSU launched a hunt for Okello’s shooters leading to the arrest of one Stephen.

Senior Commissioner of Police -SCP Fred Enanga, said FSU searched Stephen’s house where an AK 47 rifle was recovered. Enanga said other exhibits of a tracking device, breaking implements, master keys, and a head mask were also recovered.

In Kampala, Enanga said police also recovered two rifles in the wee hours of Saturday morning. This was after the territorial police in Kyebando came across a criminal gang of about eight suspects in a football ground.

Upon sighting police, the suspects fled but two were arrested, who included; Nsubuga Ismail 42, and Erias Mubiru Erias 60, a Boda-boda rider of Kirokole though he hails from Matugga, Wakiso district.

“A search was conducted immediately and two SMG riffles with 29 rounds of ammunition were recovered. In addition, a motorcycle registration number UFR 587Q, which was being used in their mobility was also recovered,” Enanga said.

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Police have reminded Ugandans that random acts of violence continue to happen and they need to be alert at all times. Security has said crimes of violence plague the communities and deprive them of their peace and security.

Meanwhile, Uganda People’s Defence Forces -UPDF and the police Anti-Stock Theft Unit -ASTU on Thursday killed three armed warriors in the Abim district, Karamoja sub-region. The warriors fell in the joint ambush of UPDF and ASTU at Kocholo village, Kobulir parish, Abim district. Security recovered one SMG rifle from the exterminated warriors.

On the same day, security in Kotido district pursued four Turkana warriors who had raided cattle kraals and four were killed in the crossfire. The warriors had raided Nakele Dam, Watukan Parish, in Kotido district.

“As a result, they were pursued by UPDF solders from the 405 Brigade, which led to the killing of 4 warriors, recovery of 11 Head of cattle and 2 donkeys, 4 guns were recovered with 3 rounds,” Enanga said.

The military and police again conducted an operation on Friday afternoon in Kotido district where two SMG rifles were recovered from cattle rustlers also no one was killed. This fire exchange happened at Nakapelemoron Sub county.

“It is against this background that we do applaud the security personnel from the 405 Brigade, ASTU, and the territorial Commanders in KMP, and appreciate their efforts in removing dangerous firearms from the hands of notorious criminals who are a danger to society,” Enanga said.

CID director, Maj Tom Magambo, released the annual crime report of last year showing that 296 persons were killed by shooting. Of these, 266 were male adults, six male minors, 19 female adults, and five female juveniles.

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