Toddler Dies as Mother Runs from Machete Attack

Handcuffed suspect. Photo Courtesy.

A one-month-old baby has died on the back of his mother who fell and rolled several times as she run away from a machete attacker. The incident that is being investigated under police file CRB 141/2023 happened on Friday at Muko village, Nyarutembe parish, Nyabwishenya sub-county, in Kisoro district.

In her statement recorded at Kisoro police station, Godriva Cyimanizanye 28, said she was chased by Denis Dusabe 24, who threatened to cut her into pieces on accusations of grazing her goats in his gardens.

“It’s alleged that Godriva Cyimanizanye was attacked by Dusabe Denis 24 years of the same address, who started running after her while armed with a panga with the aim of cutting her on allegations that her goats had entered his garden and destroyed his crops,” Assistant Superintendent of Police -ASP Elly Mate, the Kigezi regional police spokesperson said.

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Mate added: “In the process of running away from the attacker, she fell down on a steep slope and rolled down with the baby on her back. She later moved back home while the baby was not okay.”

Cyimanizanye quickly notified which sent its team to assess the crime scene. ASP Mate said police have since carried out a post-mortem and arrested Dusabe as a suspect in the death of the baby who has since been identified as Obedi.

The demise of a one-month-old baby comes three days after the Criminal Investigations Directorate -CID released its figures showing that 383 children were murdered or killed in 2022.

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