Two Police Officer Under Probe Over Threatening to Shoot a Security Guard in Viral Video

Two police officers have been suspended after appearing in a viral video threatening to shoot a private security guard who had locked them inside the premises of a labour recruitment company during their investigations of a human trafficking case.

Senior Commissioner of Police, Fred Enanga, the police spokesperson, said the two officers have been charged with discreditable conduct, after they confronted a local Askari, who had locked them inside Ms Harchar International Labour Company.

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The video that has left many shocked shows a policeman grabbing a gun from a colleague and starts threatening to shoot the guard. Although the police officers have been suspended, police have opened two other separate casefiles of unlawful confinement and obstruction of officers on lawful duty.

The company Ms Harchar International Labour Company has also been with an existing file in regard to trafficking in persons. Details in the police file show the labour company, located in Luwafu Makindye allegedly deals in the export of labour, acted as representatives of Nakiboneka Solome, aged 29 and her liaison to Rwabi Mina recruitment offices based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, that recruited her.

Nakiboneka travelled to Saudi Arabia on December 3rdm 2022 on a visitor’s Visa, that was valid for 90 days, from the 28.11.2022 till the 26.02.2023. She was however, enrolled by Rwabi Mina recruitment office as a domestic worker, and a standard Employment contract, entered between Saud Wasi Alotaibi.

However, Nakiboneka’s family early this month received news via social media and TikTok, indicating that the victim was allegedly tortured, sexually assaulted, and in need of rescue. This was followed by cut off communication was later cut off and she was presumed dead.

“This prompted her sister Nalule Christine of Kibibi Butambala, to register a case of alleged trafficking in persons and suspected murder at Katwe division. It is against this background that three detectives led by Sgt Kakai Esther, Rwashande Coleb and DC Twesigye Deus, who are investigating the complaint, went for inquiries, to establish the circumstances under which the victim was exported for labour,” Enanga said.

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The first task was to establish whether the company was duly registered and licensed to operate in the export of labour. The guard told them the company’s director was in the office. But in seconds, the front desk officers at the reception Owomugisha Jackson and Awachango Salome told them both the director and manager were absent.

“They went on to interview the staff and its during that process that the director of the company, instructed the local the guard to lock the gate and confine the three officers inside the premises, without any reason. This led to a confrontation, as the officers tried to use their powers, to cause the guard open the gate,” Enanga said.

The trio’s attempt to use force to have the gate opened escalated into an ugly scene with threats to shoot. Police officers called for reinforcement and they were rescued. Police arrested four suspects who obstructed and confined the police officer. The civilains suspects include Manano Jenaro, Awachango Solome, Nakirya Justin and Owomugisha Jackson.

Police said efforts are in place to record statements from Okecha Richard and Omonya, the operations Manager, who instructed the local guard, to lock the officers inside the premises. Arrangement are also in place, to record a statement from Abdul Wahab, the Director Harchar International Labour Company.

More than 20 external labour workers especially in the middle east die every year according to last year reports by ministry of internal affairs and parliament. The ministry of internal affairs in its report indicated 21 victims of human traffickking had been killed while parliament put the number at 28. The internal affairs minister, Rtd Maj Gen Kahinda Otafiire, said Ugandan external labour workers were being killed and served to crocodiles.

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