How Ugandan Forces Arrested an Imposter Colonel Cheating Locals Million of Shillings

Courtesy Photo of ‘fake’ Col Eunice Ainembabazi.

Eunice Ainembabazi, has allegedly conned several Ugandans masquerading as a Colonel in the country’s military.

Ainembabazi was arrested two days ago by the police of Buyende district on accusations of personation and fraud.

Her arrest followed a series of outcries from the locals that a senior military officer was exorbitantly charging them in order to conduct fishing activities on the country’s water bodies.

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Michelle Kasadha, the Busoga North regional police spokesperson, explained that UPDF also got concerned about unknown Colonel charging locals millions of shillings.

Capt Jacob Katumba, the regional fisheries unit commandant rushed to area police and requested to be helped in hunting for the imposter. Capt Katumba made it clear that they did know the Colonel collecting money from the locals.

Police in response opened inquiries of fraud and engaged several locals who helped to describe the culprit. By the time police and army resolved to hunt for Ainembabazi, she had allegedly extorted 15 million shillings.

Security agencies say her areas of operation have been Jinja and Buyende, targeting fishermen operating around Lake Kyoga in Buyende district.

“Preliminary investigations suggest that whenever an operation against illegal fishing would be conducted, Keinembabazi would call Fisheries Protection Unit commanders introducing her self as Col Ainembabazi and ordering for the release of suspects,” Kasadha said.

However, her luck run out two days ago when she called one of the officers asking him to release the illegal boats that had been impounded. She claimed that she was asked to follow up the matter to the detach.

“On arrival, she was asked to introduce her self which she did by masquerading as UPDF officer like she has always done. When she was asked to produce her identity card, she broke down and revealed how she was just a civilian,” Kasadha said.

Security checked her phone, and she had her photo dressed in updf uniform. Security was prompted to immediate arrest her and she was put in detention at Bukungu police station.

Ainembabazi also had a framed photo in military attire in the property she was carrying.

Her arrest follows the one which was made week earlier where another imposter was in Namasagali, for allegedly extorting money from fisher men in Namasagali and Kagumba Subcounty.

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