Man Dies with Whopper Inside Woman’s Sompyo

Fred Enanga addressing the media.

Ali Mustafa, died with his whopper inside a woman’s sompyo in a lodge in Arua City.

Mustafa 25, was businessman of Ozu cell, Kenya ward in Arua City. He breathed his last while exercising his dribbling skills with Adania Ratio at Avenue lodge

Police in Arua City has established that Mustafa sustained a respiratory failure as he pumped Ratio’s Kandahar city at Usain Bolt’s speed.

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Mustafa collapsed and died inside the room while pushing his reptile inside the soft and mesmerizing skin.

After seeing Mustafa unresponsive despite his pendulum bob still angry like a beaten snake, Ratio alerted the hotel management that also swiftly called police to intervene.

Police visited the scene and found Mustafa’s most treasured area splashed with fats.

Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said no trace of drugs, poison or other body influences was recovered at the scene.

“The body was thereafter, transferred to Arua Referral Hospital and examined. The cause of death was established to be due to respiratory failure,” Enanga said.

Police have explained that death during consensual sex, can occur for a number of reasons, that include the physical strain of the activity or because of unusual extenuating circumstances.

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