M7 Orders CID, DISO to Apprehend Officials Sexually Exploiting Ladies for Job

Museveni picture.

President Yoweri Museveni has directed District Internal Security Officers (DISO), Criminal Investigations Directorate (CID) and other intelligent organs to apprehend whoever is sexually exploiting female graduates in exchange for jobs.

Museveni who was speaking at National Resistance Army/Movement liberation day in Kakumiro district on Thursday said he had received a lot of information that district service commissions are subjecting girls to sexual exploitation in order to offer them jobs.

Museveni who equated such people to pigs said they need to be arrested and charged for taking government jobs to their own benefits.

Museveni also castigated district and ministry officials charging people for jobs. The head of state said if such people are not stopped, the country can not develop.

It should be noted that several women have been complaining that bosses ask to sleep with them in order to get jobs. Some said they have been sacked because they refused to offer their bodies to employers.

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NRM marked 37 years since taking over power from Gen Tito Okello Lutwa in 1986. Museveni and his colleagues launched a war against Milton Obote government after the 1980 chaotic presidential elections. Hower, Obote was overthrown by Gen Lutwa in 1985 and he too was toppled by rebels led by Museveni.

Ever since NRM came to power, Museveni has been in power while most of his war Generals have died. The first 10 years, Museveni led without any elections held. But since 1996, Uganda has been holding presidential elections where Museveni emerges as the winner though it is always a controversial process.

Prime Minister, Robinah Nabbanja, who hosted the NRM liberation day in her home district of Kakumiro said Museveni’s government had distributed power to various parts of the country.

Nabbanja said with power supply, the country will develop and urged those areas that haven’t been connect to power grid to be patient because they will soon be reached.

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