Police Sniffer Dog Tracks Down Masaka Murder Suspect

Photo Courtesy of suspected murderer Miiro

Police with the help of a canine dog has arrested a murder suspect in Masaka City.

The suspect who has been identified as Miiro is suspected to have hacked to death Bashir Matovu 22, a resident of Kanyogoga village, Kimanya-Kabonera division in Masaka city

Police was alerted about Matovu’s murder by locals and it deployed it’s dog at the scene until it led them to the residence of Miiro.

“The police received report of alleged murder and when the police dog “Gringo” was introduced at the scene, it picked the human scent of the suspect, tracked for around one kilometer and led our officers to the nearby rentals where the dog zeroed on one Miiro,” police said in a statement.

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Miiro is currently being held at Kirimya Police Station pending court.

Martin Mugume, the commandant of the police canine unit last year said sniffer dogs in 2021 helped them arrest more than 5000 crime suspects.

The suspects who were arrested with the help of sniffer dogs in in 2021 were majorly burglary, robbery and murder culprits.

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