Ugandans Urged to Be Alert After DRC Bomb Inside Church Kills 10, Leaves 41 Nursing Injuries

Ugandan police and military have warned citizens to be very careful against terrorism acts after a bomb exploded inside church killing 10 christians and leaving 41 nursing injuries in DRC on Sunday afternoon.

The DRC terror bomb was detonated at around 1:30pm, in the Eastern DRC, at Pentecostal Church in Lhubirira, an immediate town located 4kms after Mpondwe border point.

Senior Commissioner of Police, Fred Enanga, said the terror attack, shows that terrorism can occur any time and anywhere.

“The incident further reminds us all, of the terrorist threats that we face as a country,” Enanga said.

Because of the existing threat environment, Uganda Joint Counter terror task teams from CMI, Crime Intelligence, Counter terrorism, CID in coordination with territorial units, have vowed continue to operating with a heightened state of readiness.

It is now 426 days, since the double terror task at CPS and Kampala Avenue, that have led to several investigations, multiple arrests and recovery of an assortment of dangerous weapons.

Ever since the November 16, 2021 double bombings in Kampala, security agencies have recovered 18 guns have been recovered, 1 PK gun and 116 PK rounds, 1 pistol, 7 IEDs, 21 electronic detoriators, 52 explogel explosives, 2 Axel blades, 2 emulsion explosives, an assortment of bomb making materials, walkie talkies, mobile phones, 185 other types of ammunition, and motorcycles etc.

“In addition, a total of 57 suspects that include terrorists and rebels have been arrested. And while those disruptive operations, present a positive step in securing the safety of Ugandans, there is still work to identify ADF cells of agents, collaborators, operatives and sponsors within the country,” Enanga said.

Security forces have put in place several measures to avert any hostile infiltrations and attacks at Mpondwe border and all other crossing points.

For instance, forces have stopped the movement of cargo and passenger boats across Lake Albert intensified patrols in Bugoma forest and across the borderlines, bolstered security at major installations, markets and parking yards, and intensified intelligence on several targets among others.

Ugandans have been asked not to be alarmed by these steps security agencies are taking to deal with terrorists because they are meant for their safety. However, the citizens have been reminded that the threats of terrorism are real, especially on soft targets, which are many and sometimes difficult to defend.

Some of the soft targets terrorists usually aim at include restaurants, markets, shopping centres, public transportation hubs like taxi and bus parks, places of worship and other crowded places.

“As a result, we call upon the public to be extra alert and vigilant, as they go about their activities. Remember, the best defence against any terrorist threats is our collective community effort,” Enanga said.

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