1,690 Motorcyclist Impounded After Owners Were Found Without Driving License

Traffic police spokesperson Faridah Nampiima

Traffic police have revealed that 1,690 motorcycles were impounded last week from Thursday to Friday because riders had no driving licenses.

Faridah Nampiima, the traffic police spokesperson, said the operation targeting riders without valid driving licenses are being conducted in regions of Kampala metropolitan area but it will later be rolled out countrywide.

Before the operation targeting riders without valid driving licenses, police first gave a three days ultimatum.

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In the two days of the operation, Nampiima said 1,051 out of 1,690 impounded motorcycles were issued with traffic penalty of 40,000 shillings.

This means express penalty tickets worth 42 million shillings were issued out in the first two days of the operation targeting riders without valid driving licenses.

Nampiima said KMP South impounded 970 motorcycles, KMP East impounded 131 while KMP North impounded 508.

Police say most of the impounded motorcycles were handed back to owners after they paid the express penalty tickets.

By today morning, 498 motorcycles were yet to be picked by owners. Police have warned that owners of motorcycles who gave them to people who did not have riding licenses will be issued ticket penalties worth 100,000 shillings.

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