Warriors Kill 3 Civilians in Napak District, Rob 100 Cows

Photo Courtesy of recovered guns being burnt.

It was tears yesterday afternoon at Loutakou village, in Napak district, after warriors raided the place killing three civilians and robbing more than 100 herds of cattle.

Mike Longole, the acting Mt Moroto police spokesperson, said the incident occurred at around 9 pm hours in Nakwamoru Parish, Napak District.

Longole said joint security forces led by SP Gad Murungi the Napak District Police Commander (DPC) visited the scene with a team of investigators. The victims were identified as Akaru Lokuyo male adult 25 years, Lokoru Lomucuruzi male adult 23 years, Etabo Ekale male adult 19 years.

“The trio are Kenyan Nationals (Turkanas) who succumbed to bullet wounds.
Etepar Telo 26 years, also a Turkana was injured and rushed to Matany Hospital in non life threatening condition and is improving steadily,” Longole said.

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Police said the three bodies were still at the scene awaiting postmortem. However, relevant statements have already been taken from survivors and witnesses.

“We call for calmness in the affected community as we complete our investigation and track these raided animals,” Longole said.

It is more than three years ever since insurgencies resumed in Karamoja sub-region and its neighbouring areas.

Apart from the close to 700 warriors who have been shot and killed by Uganda People’s Defence Forces -UPDF and police Anti-Stock Theft Unit – ASTU, unknown figures of soldiers, police officers as well as civilians have been killed.

Close to 500 guns have been recovered in the ongoing fire exchange between military, police and warriors. It looks like the forceful disarmament exercise ordered by president Yoweri Museveni in 2021 is far from restoring normalcy in Karamoja sub-region.

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