Kitintale Father defiles 2 Daughters

Net pic of handcuffed suspect.

Police in Kitintale Parish, Nakawa Division, in Kampala have arrested a father accused of defiling his two daughters.

Police was notified about James Biryamureeba’s sexual violence against her own daughters aged 17 and 15 by area secretary for women affairs Zainab Mirembe.

Mirembe in her statement at Kitintale police station said she was approached by the girls seeking for protection from their father who has sexually abused them for more than a year.

Police apprehended Biryamureeba and also subjected the girls to a medical examination. Police Spokesperson, Fred Enanga, said the medical examination has since confirmed that indeed the female juveniles have gruesomely been slept on by their biological father for a while.

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Enanga added that Biryamureeba’s actions against his biological daughters forced the police medical team to examine his mental health. The mental health has since confirmed that indeed he was in a very normal state and would sleep on his biological daughters with his full conscious.

Police have preferred charges of aggravated defilement against Biryamureeba who will soon be arraigned in courts of law. Enanga added that police department of sexual gender based violence is currently organizing a shelter for the victims since they need counseling and protection.

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