Cross Breeding Threatens Ankole Cattle Breed

Net pic of Ankole cattle

By Fred Male: As more farmers go for crossbreeds to increase the output of cattle products such as beef and Milk, there is a fear that this will lead to the extinction of the indigenous breed.

Now the NEFA AGROTECH has organized an expo and a marathon at Kololo ceremonial grounds to promote, protect and add value to the Ankole cows.

Robert Kabatereine, the chairman of NEFA AGROTECH while speaking to journalists at Serena Hotel in Kampala said that the expo and marathon scheduled on the 29th of January are aimed at adding value to the indigenous breed of the Ankole Cattle that many farmers are attached to.

He also stated that it is aimed at motivating farmers to conserve the indigenous breed which the local farmers and gas prestigiously valued for a long time attracted the attention of the international community as one of the best breeds of cattle that produce milk and beef with low fats compared to other cattle breeds.

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Gideon Atwine the chief of communications said that the marathon will be graced by President Museveni the president of the republic of Uganda among other dignitaries.

He also said that the Ankole cattle are another source of tourist attraction to the country where several tourists come in to see the Ankole cattle, hence creating jobs for the Ugandans.  

The Ankole cow is the most popular among the five types of cattle considered indigenous found in Uganda, including Nyoro, Zebu Nsanga and Ganda cows.  It is said that the other three types are crossbreeds between the Zebu and Ankole, also known as Sanga.

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