Father Poisons Two Children, One Dead

Net pic of handcuffed suspect

A father in Mukono district has poisoned his two children after having a disagreement with his wife.

Oscar Kusasira, a security guard at one of the primary schools in Mukono is accused of poisoning his two children after an argument that emanated from 30,000 shillings. It is said the wife was paid the money from her workplace.

Kusasira picked the from their mother, took them to a school where he guards and allegedly served them eats laced with poison.

After serving laced food to his children, Kusasira also took his poison portion and rushed home in order to die infront of his wife.

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But as he was waiting to die, information came in that the one year old child had died. Another was saved by the locals who rushed him to the nearby health amenity.

Kusasira is receiving treatment in a hospital but under the watch of the police officers. Police took the toddler’s body to Mulago hospital for a postmortem.

The children’s mother, Brenda Arinaitwe, said her husband took the children from her and she could not suspect that he was going turn a monster to their offsprings.

Arinaitwe said she was told by Kusasira that he had taken poison to die while the children were at school eating food. She became suspicious but even before she could ask her husband whether the children were safe, a neighbour brought information that the youngest had died.

Agnes Nandawula, the area councilor said Kusasira has been known for boozing. Nandawula added that the couple often had fights but they never thought that the man could reach an extent of killing their children.

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