RPC ACP Eddie Sserunjogi Applauds West Nile Residents Over Peaceful Festive Period

Photo Courtesy of SP Josephine Angucia the West Nile regional police spokesperson.

The West Nile Regional Police Commander- RPC, ACP Eddie Sserunjogi, has congratulates locals upon peaceful festive season. ACP Sserunjogi said the New Year and Christmas celebrations were peaceful because of the high level of cooperation that existed between police and the community.

“The timely sharing of information helped to minimize criminalities through out the celebrations. Unlike in the past years where new year celebrations were categorized by high level of hooliganism on the streets at night during fireworks displays where revellers and church goers were often beaten,” ACP Sserunjogi said according to a statement shared by SP Josephine Angucia.

ACP Sserunjogi noted that West Nile has been synonymous with many cases of rape, defilement, indecent assaults, robberies, murders, accidents and others especially during Christmas and New Year’s celebrations.

But this year, West Nile region was peaceful and no serious cases registered save for Terego district where one serious accident was registered on 01st January 2023 involving two motorcycles with no deaths.

“We recognize and appreciate the support of mass media entities like radio stations, tv stations, newspapers, internet news agencies and others in disseminating information upto the grassroots as well as sensitizing the communities on laws and police procedures,” ACP Sserunjogi said.

SP Angucia as West Nile regional police spokesperson, has recognize the various stakeholders for the good partnership created in policing. The appreciated stakeholders include the Governmental and Non-Governmental organizations like the Uganda Human rights Commission, JLOS, UN Women, European Union and others for their great support via trainings to the officers.

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In order to do policing better in this new year, police in West Nile plans to have increased partnership with opinion and political leaders and step up community policing to fight and prevent crime.

Police also intends to step up enforcement of laws to fight and minimize mob justice, fights and assaults, thefts and robberies, Gender Based Violence, and traffic accidents which appeared to be higher in the recent past year.

SP Angucia said police also plans to improve customer care in all police duties and enhancement of flow of information between police and public through sharing of contacts and also improving our feedback mechanism; stepping up supervision by reaching out to all units regularly to enhance professionalism; stepping up capacity building through Wednesday lectures.

“We plan to do internal sensitization of officers through barazas and counselling sessions; plan to check and fight corruption among the officers; and organizing mindset change programs as well as giving financial literacy to police officers to boost their income levels,” SP Angucia said.

Police have urged the public especially West Nile to continue being law abiding this new year 2023, and cooperate more with police in sharing information timely inorder to prevent crime.

“We advise the general public to commit their time to do more productive activities that can lead to development in their homes and communities, than wasting time to participate in criminalities which are not legally acceptable,” SP Angucia said.

Senior Commissioner of Police – Fred Enanga, had earlier said that the festive season had generally been peaceful save for the tragedy at Freedom City that claimed lives of 10 people.

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