Kira Maid Disappears with Neighbours Child

Police in Kira municipality, in Wakiso district, are hunting for a maid who allegedly disappeared with the neighbour’s daughter during the Christmas holidays. Kulusum Chekwemoi, the mother of four-year-old, Najia Chebet, suspects that her child was taken by Nabasa who was working for Fiona Mugisha.

The Chekwemoi and Mugisha are neighbours in Kazinga, Bweyogerere, and Nabasa was a regular visitor to the former’s home. Chekwemoi, who has since alerted Kira division police said Nabasa varnished with her daughter on December 27th which was a Tuesday of this week.

Chekwemoi in her statement at Kira division police said Nabasa and her boss Mugisha left Kazinga to go home for the Christmas holiday. Mugisha dropped Nabasa off in Lubijji and gave her a ride on a motorcycle to her sister’s house as she proceeded to Mbarara District.

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It is alleged that Nabasa returned on a fateful day to Kazinga and requested to take Chebet Najia with her to the center, promising to return the child later. Chekwemoi waited for Nabasa to return with the girl in vain.

“Nabasa disappeared with the child and has not been seen since. It was later discovered that Nabasa celebrated Christmas in Bulenga with her sister, Tumusiime, and left on December 27th before returning to Kazinga to commit the crime,” ASP Luke Owoyesigyire the deputy Kampala metropolitan police spokesperson said.

Police have instituted an investigation and are currently working to locate Nabasa and recover the missing child. Owoyesigyire has urged anyone with information about this incident to contact the police at these telephone contacts 0705924772 and 0775089752.

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